Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi jammers!  I know that I'm a bit late on this, but I just want to give you some details about the HATAPALOOZA going on right now!

There are three different hat shops that you can visit during this time, all of them in different locations and they all have different hats for sale!

Now I'll show you all of the different hat shops and their items!

Mt. Shiveer,

Sarepia Forest,

And Canyon Pathway!

There will also be RARE HATS for sale!

If you're getting tired of all these hats available now, you can submit your own hat creation with this new hat contest!

I hope that I can submit one of my ideas in!

Now that I'm finally finished explaining all of this news about hats, there are other things going on in Jamaa too.

Twister has x2 gems.

AJ is now selling birthstones.

There is a JFL football for sale.

And last but not least, jammers have dressed up as all kinds of animals!

That's all!

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