Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Message from AJ HQ

Hey jammers!I have good news, and sad news :( Here's the good new.  I just got this message from AJ HQ. It's about the Leap Year Party.  Here it is!


Here's the sad news. My best friend (Wolves900) lost an animal that she loved today.  The animal's name was Heart, and I never met her but Wolves told me all about her and she sounded very sweet, and I would have loved to meet her.  Please send all your regards to Wolves900!! I think that would make her very happy :)

Thanks jammers!

New flag!

Yo jammers! A new flag came out today! Well, yeah, you can probably tell that from the title... But whatever! :D
It's the Cayman Islands flag!

Be sure to check it out in the flag shop!
Peace out jammers!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Animal!

Hello jammers!  I looked on AJ HQ's blog, The Daily Explorer, and I saw a post that said a new animal was coming!  This is the hint that they gave,

I think that the new animal is...

It had to come out sometime, because it was on the home page of Animal Jam...
It may come out this update, maybe a later one.... Who knows? (Well, AJ HQ... but I mean't us... :P)
See ya jammers!!!


Hi again jammers! I was just looking through the parties, and I saw this..

Two Leap Year Parties in a row... I was like, okkk....

Then I scrolled down more, and I saw this..

WOW!! LOTS OF LEAP YEAR PARTIES!!! I guess it makes sense since the Leap Year is tomorrow ... But still
I just thought of something, if today has this many parties, how many will there be tomorrow? 0-0
We'll find out soon!! See ya later jammers!

Coral Fence Piece

Yo jammers!! The Coral Fence Piece came out today in Sunken Treasures.  Check it out!

Yup!! It comes in these colors: Green, red and brown, pink blue and yellow, blue and green, purple and blown, pink purple and red, red brown and orange and orange and yellow.

It's for underwater dens, if you didn't know..... 

Oh and not all of the Lionfish Armor is gone. Only the Lionfish Fin Armor has left.
Thanks jammers!! Keep on jammin'!!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Hey jammers!! I just went to the Leap Year Party!! IT'S SO COOL!! There are so many things to do!! Here are just a few,

Play the claw game and get a lion plush!!

Buy rare items that you can only get there!!

Go down the giant leap slide!


This has got to be my favorite party!! Thanks AJ HQ!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!


Odd Rare Item Monday + New Party

Hello jammers!  Well, I guess today we're having a very odd Rare Item Monday....  First of all, these were never rare 0-0  Here it is....

Odd right?? I mean, these were never rare!  I hope this doesn't mean there won't be actual Rare Item Mondays anymore!!!

Be sure to get the lionfish armor stuff while you can! They will probably be gone by tommorow if they're saying it's rare....

Also, a new par-tay is here!  The Leap Year Party!! I'll be sure to take pictures when it happens!

See ya then jammers!!

No Rare Item Monday (Once again :L) And New Items!

Hey jammers!!  Today, there isn't a rare item monday, like last week, but it will probably come later today!

These two new items came out today,

The Georgia flag (Not the state, it's a country in Europe near Russia)

And the Lion Fish Fin Armor

If you want to see the colors of the Lionfish Fin Armor, click here!
That's all for now jammers!! I'll try to post what the Rare Item Monday is as soon as I get home! (If it came out by then)   Thanks!    -snowdog900

Sunday, February 26, 2012

For All You Penguin Plushie Collectors Out there....

Hey jammers!! This post is for penguin plushie collectors!!!  Here are the 3 rare penguin plushies!

The brown penguin with googles (owned by coolkid2222, my friend)

The black penguin with a top hat

And the purple penguin with a pink bow!!

Hope this helps, and happy jamming!!!

Come on!

Yo jammers!  Today I found something that really upsets me >:(
Look at this jammer!

I mean COME ON!!! Just because you're jealous of her doesn't mean you have to be making mean accounts like this!! Please report this jammer!! Thanks Animal jam nooz for posting about this and giving me the info!    -snowdog900

Giant Penguin Plushie + New Name

Hi jammers! A giant penguin plushie came out today!  Check it out!!

Woah.... Lay off the fish buddy! :P
Lol.  Ok anyways, a new name also came out.

Now you can use the name Swimming!

I'll probably make a new animal with this name, and when I do I'll show it to Y-O-U!
Oh and thanks Animal Jam Spirit for telling me about this!
Peace jammers! ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Heya jammers!! I also wanted to show you this....

AJ should really space the parties out more......


Yo jammers!!  Today, Lionfish Helmet!! (It goes with the Lionfish Armor)

It comes in the same colors as Lionfish Armor, and if you want to see that post, click here!
Thanks jammers, and keep on jammin'!! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lion Gift Certificates!

Hey jammers!!  The Lion Gift Certificates are are available in AJ Outfitters!

Thanks AJ HQ!! I bet this will help a lot of other jammers!!!  
Thanks jammers, and have a great weekend!!! ;)

Another New Flag :l

Hey jammers! Yup, you guessed it.  Today, another new flag came out. It's the North Mariana Islands flag.

It's a cool flag and everything, but we've been getting flags for a while, right?

You can also get Phantom's Treasure in the Sol Arcade!!

Oh, and get the curly hat and wig while you still can!!

They can be gone any day now.....
(I got the picture from The Daily Explorer, Animal HQ's Animal Jam blog)


Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Sand Dollar Stepping Stones!

Hi jammers!!  A new underwater den item came out today!  It's the Sand Dollar Stepping Stones!

It comes in these colors: White, blue, purple, pink, red and orange, yellow and white, green and blue, and brown.

Pretty cool huh?


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Animal Museum Item

Hiya jammers!! A new den item came out today in the Animal Museum.  It's the penguin topiary!

Cute ^-^
Peace jammers!!!   -snowdog900

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New flag!

Yo jammers!  A new flag came out today!! It's the Uruguay flag!

Oh, and yes!!! I'm so sorry I didn't post about fox hat's coming out for Rare Item Monday!! I had a party for my b-day, and then we went out to dinner, so I didn't have time to go back on to post! I didn't even get to get a fox hat =\   Oh, and I saw the Secret World of Arrrietty!! It's really good 0-0

Thanks again jammers!! :D

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Item + No Rare Item Monday+ Message from AJ HQ

Hey jammers! TODAY IS MY B-DAY!!!!!  Ok sorry, I'm just excited x3
Today a new underwater clothing item came out.


They come in these colors: Pink, brown and blue, brown and purple, black and white, white and black, grey and red, green and orange, and blue and purple.

Yeah. It also looks like AJ HQ forgot about Rare Item Mondays!! I'm sad because I was looking forward to this one :(

I got this weird message in the mail too!!

x3  They appreciate me!!!  And I get 2500 gems too 0.0
Yay!! Well, if you got this message too, comment below!!
Thanks again jammers!!   -snowdog900

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My other accounts

Hi! Well, I just wanted to tell you I do have other accounts.  All of the others accounts are non-member, and I use them to collect rates and stuff like that.  But I also like to play with them. Here they are:
Whoosh, Lillywolff, and Treesarepeopletoo 

Yeah, My main account is  snowdog900 (Duh!!) 
See ya around jammers!!  -snowdog900

My good friends blog..

Oh and yes!! I forgot to tell you to check out my BFF's blog!! She's just getting started, so there aren't that many post, but it's a great blog!!! Here's the ULR:  Thanks so much!!!  -snowdog900

Another glitch

Hey jammers! I experienced another glitch today. I was looking up random people when this happened..

Yeah.  See, the person's profile is over the trade request.
It happened again -_-

It's pretty lame, but I wanted to post it because I wanna see if it's happened to you too!
Thanks jammers!!  -snowdog900


Hiya jammers! Today, when I got bored and decided to go on one of my non-member accounts, a weird glitch happened.  I was at the trading party, and I noticed I couldn't type.  I tried to change rooms to see if that changed the problem, but it didn't :L

It said the trading party room was my den!!

Then I went back to the trading party, and this happened!

My seal wasn't there!
I finally decided to log out, and yes that fixed the problem.

Pretty wacky glitch! -snowdog900

New Den Items!

Hello jammers!  These two items came out today.

Diner Stool,

And the Morocco flag!

Yeah, that's all for now jammers!  Check back later!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heatwave party!

jammers!  I just went to the Heatwave party, so I decided to take some pictures of it for you! (Don't you feel special! xD)

Anyways, there is a shop.

All the stuff in it was availible before, so not anything too new there.

There are chairs,

Three slides,

Oh and a smoothie maker!

Yeah, it look different, but it's the same on the inside, 

Maybe it will be one of the monthly member gifts!

Here are some random pictures I took,

Looks like Snickety got a tan!

That's all for now!