Monday, February 20, 2012

New Item + No Rare Item Monday+ Message from AJ HQ

Hey jammers! TODAY IS MY B-DAY!!!!!  Ok sorry, I'm just excited x3
Today a new underwater clothing item came out.


They come in these colors: Pink, brown and blue, brown and purple, black and white, white and black, grey and red, green and orange, and blue and purple.

Yeah. It also looks like AJ HQ forgot about Rare Item Mondays!! I'm sad because I was looking forward to this one :(

I got this weird message in the mail too!!

x3  They appreciate me!!!  And I get 2500 gems too 0.0
Yay!! Well, if you got this message too, comment below!!
Thanks again jammers!!   -snowdog900


  1. Hi!

    OMG! I got it too!! What does it mean?

    By the way, Snowy, remember that time where the monthly gift didn't come out right away? Is the rare item like that? 0.0

  2. I think everybody got it. Doggirl and I got it also.


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