Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Giant Phantom

Hi jammers, again. The the very popular Giant Phantom has now returned in Jam Mart Furniture! Be sure to buy yours today, Night of the Phantoms items might be gone tomorrow!

I just want to.. jump on it! It looks so fun! 8D

AJHQ posted about elephant plushies on The Daily Explorer.

It seem like the same post every week, but they just change the plushie names. :\

I hope you all have a great Halloween! I would also like to state that you are never too old for Halloween... Unless you're like, 30 or older or something. :P

I wish that I had tomorrow off. I mean, it is a holiday. It's All Saints Day tomorrow, I think that we should have to day off! Plus nearly half of my class is gone the day after Halloween because they stay up all night. >.<

Happy Halloween!

Hi jammers! I don't have time for a full post, so I'm just making a mini one to say...



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scary Antlers

Hey jammers! There are new Scary Antlers in Jam Mart Clothing!

Neat! I hope that the original Gazelle Horns come back soon. I miss those.

AJHQ posted about the Turtles being available to all players of Animal Jam.

And that's basically it! I hope you guys have a great Tuesday! Mine for one is very busy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rare Item Monday 10/29

Heya jammers! I'm sorry (again >.<) for not posting in the morning. I do have good news though! My mom has kinda-sorta-maybe let me bring my laptop into my bedroom! What does this mean you may ask? Well it means many things, but the one related to AJ is that now my mom will let me post earlier in  the mornings! (Whenever I would try to get up early to post the stairs would always make such a noise, I basically woke everyone up at 6 in the morning. ^^') I don't think that what I mean by early in the morning is like, 12 'o clock in the morning. I still need to get it sorted out though, so I'm not making any promises!

Wow, that's a whole post right there, but I have more to post about.

It's RIM! Like always, the Rare is way over priced. Why does AJHQ sell the items at such high prices?

I like the colors, though it seems a bit vague.

Like every Monday, AJHQ posted about the so called 'rare' .

I'd also like to bring your attention to the Halloween Countdown Clock. Yep! We sure are getting close!

What are you dressing up for for Halloween jammers? I'm being a teenaged version of Elmo. OwO
Wolves900 is being Cookie Monster! :D So cute! As you can probably guess, we're going trick-or-treating together, hopefully to get more candy than we ever did before! We set a goal. :3

I guess that's it jammers! I'll try my hardest to post in the morning tomorrow, maybe earlier then I usually do.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

>.< I'm sorry.


I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday or the day before! D8

I have many pathetic excuses. I'm full of them! o3o
Nah, I won't torcher you guys this time.

Anyways, there's a new mask in Jam Mart Clothing.

Also new is the epic Phantom Cannon!

What a cool item! I wish it was terrestrial because I never use my underwater dens. :\

Lastly, AJHQ posted about Arctic Wolves on The Daily Explorer.

Look AJHQ, if you want to make money off of these Arctic Wolf membership cards don't just sell them to Walmart! I mean seriously, I have never been to a Walmart in my entire life and I'm not planning to go if all I'm going to buy is a stinking Animal Membership Card when I could buy it at a Pavillions 5 minutes away from my house. -Rant rant-

Lol was that a run-on sentence? :T

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Omg Sorry ;-;


I'm so sorry I forgot about posting this morning. >.< I was laying in my bed for about 30 minutes finding excuses that it could be Friday. XD

Yeah, I'm really sorry again. ;__;

Anyways, today, as many of you know already, is the AJ update! Here's some things that are featured in the Jamaa Journal.

Arctic Wolves!

Night of the Phantoms ending!

New videos!

Shaman Spotlight! Err.. I mean ALPHA Spotlight! ^^'

A new animal for non-members!

A new game!

Oh, yeah. And new items.

I think this is a pretty cool update! Is it just me, or does it seem more spirited than other ones?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GAH! Sorry!

Hiya jammers! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting! I'm just so busy these days, but that story is for a different post.

I'm not going to post the new item today because I don't have enough time. ^.^' But I promise, I WILL post all the items that I missed tomorrow!

Once again, I'm sorry. :c Everyday is like a whole week full of work for me now, I just like to sleep it off.

... Maybe I should start posting early. That way I have time to study in the morning... >:P I need to talk to my mom about it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scary Horns

Hey jammers! There are two new items available in stores!

I like the Horns! They're so simple but they look spooky on your animal!

AJHQ advertised the new Arctic Wolf gift card!

Gah. It sucks that it's only available at Walmart. =-= It's so far away...

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hi jammers! There's a new Pumpkin Head at the Shiveer Shoppe.

Snowflake is looking boss in her new Phantom Mask! (Hey! I ran out of things to post about!)


Friday, October 19, 2012

Arctic Wolf Mystery Solved

Hi jammers! I can't find any new items in stores, probably because there's some new item at a party!

AJHQ posted about Night of the Phantom items.

I also know how to get an Arctic Wolf! Last night I saw many, many Arctic Wolf spottings!

I would also like to note that in the last picture, the wolf has the rarest bow that didn't even come out. o.o

Anyways, I saw one of the Arctic Wolves saying this..

Wall Mart! Too bad I live like, an hour away from one. =-=
So I looked up Wall Mart. No luck. I eventually looked up Animal Jam  Gift card.

One of the links was to Animal Jam. I clicked that. Then I saw this on their Gift Card page!

 .0. YOU CAN BUY THESE WOLVES! I was going to ask to buy one, but my mom and dad had gone out to dinner. >.<

So you see! You can totally buy one of these! You don't even have to go to Wall Mart!

Wow. o-o Long post! I hope you jammers liked it!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Head

Hey jammers! There's a new Pumpkin Head at the Shiveer Shoppe!

Also, Halloween Balloons are available in Jam Mart Furniture.

AJHQ posted about Bats!