Friday, October 5, 2012


Ello jammers! There's a new item in Bahari Bargins! The Tutu!

I actually really like this item! ^^ I'm not a fan of skirts and dresses, but this one looks real cute on your seal!

That is, if you can see the tutu! :P

AJ HQ posted a fun puzzle on The Daily Explorer!

Aw, I love these puzzles! I better find some time to do it! ^^

AJHQ also sent out this message yesterday! I guess I posted it a bit too late. :\

Now let's get more serious. (Even if I don't know how you can get serious when the title of the post is "Tutu")

Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, died exactly one year ago. Steve Jobs changed millions of people's lives. He was the first to create something as high-quatily as the Mac Book Pro, or the iPhone4. We all remember Steve Jobs for his excellence, and we always will.

Please click here to see this amazing video! It would mean a lot to me. :3

Now onto another subject.  I don't think I will be able to post for 3 days. I'm going camping! ^^
Who knows, maybe they have Wi-fi out in the middle of nowhere, but I doubt it. ;)

When I get back, I will probably post then.  Then I have Tuesday to post. Then comes Wednesday, I WILL NOT be able to post from then until Friday! I'm taking a school field trip! :D I hope it's exciting...


  1. happy camping!! watch out for meerkats!!

  2. AHHHH! I'll see you camping! oh gee...I better tell my followers too... :|


  3. Cool! Me, too. Me, too. Me, too! I agree on everything X3.


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