Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hey jammers! Here is some stuff...

While I was on Chicken Smoothie, I saw this Animal Jam advertisement!

Also, there's this new item in the Penguins Only Party!

Also, my buddy, Wolves900, noticed that now, instead of Parents Dashboard, it's Parents Portal.

That's all for now jammers! ^^

Silver Glove

Today's new item is a Silver Glove, available in Epic Wonders!

It looks exactly like the white glove. :|
I'm pretty sure it looks different on your animal though. >.>

And I got this message from AJ HQ yesterday.

Mmhmm. I have!

And speaking of Journey Books, I'm working on a Journey Book page for the blog.  Man, it's hard work. T^T

It probably won't be up soon, I get too lazy. ^^ (Hey! Read my profile. :P)

Friday, June 29, 2012

New Items

Ello jammers! There are two new items today.

Aviator Hat

Jellyfish Lamp

Plus, I got this message from AJ HQ.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Homepage!

Hello jammers! AJ has a new homepage.

Also, the Fireworks Fountain is available in Jam Mart Furniture.
Now I got that "Firework" song stuck in my head. :\

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Items + More

Hey jammers! There are two new items today.

Octopus Chair (available at Sunken Treasures)

And the Moon Balloon (available at the Summer Carnival)

And here's the new " Barbecue glitch"

Get as chilly as you can at the top of the penguin party.

Slide down the slide.

You'll land in the pool.

Then go into the snow.

Then go into your den!

You should look something like this!

Pretty cool!

Oh, and I had this glitch happen to me this morning.

Hmm, very strange.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice Dresser

Hello jammers! Today's new item is available in the Penguin Party.

The Ice Dresser
Credit goes to Snowyclaw for the picture.

Sorry jammers! The internet at my house only seems to work in the morning, but thankfully, people that work with the internet are coming to our house today to fix it!

I had this odd glitch happened to me yesterday.

A white AJ outer-screen!


It really does mean a lot.  ^^,

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rare Item Monday

Well, Freedom Capes are back in stores for 700 gems!

It looks like AJ HQ got mixed up when they did their post on Rare Item Monday.

Now we're sure to get Freedom Bands soon!

I'll post about the penguin "barbecue glitch" later, when a Penguin Party is going on.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Underwater Necklaces *UPDATE*

Hey jammers! I noticed that I didn't post about the Sand Dollar Necklace yesterday. Sorry. :|
There's also a Mermaid Necklace... I don't like it because I think of mermaids as underwater humans, and I don't think these human things belong on Animal Jam. My opinion..

Oh, sorry I haven't been on Animal Jam much jammers! My dad just installed new Wi-Fi, thinking that it will go faster. Well, it does, but it will stop working at random times.  I hope this problem clears up.


There's also a Star Carpet in Jam Mart Furniture!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beret + More

Hey jammers! Here are today's new items!

A Beret, available in Jam Mart Clothing

And a penguin mat, available at the Penguins Only Party. (Credit goes to LoveLost for the picture)

Now onto the "More" part of the post.

First of all, I had the really weird glitch happen to me.
I was doing the 'underwater animal in a Horses Only Party' glitch.  That was long... :l
Anyways, I got into the Horses Only party as a penguin, only everyone everybody else was an underwater animal too!

I also had a clone!

I figured out that that I was actually in Kani cove, but in the Horses Only party setting.

Well that was a very glitchy glitch!

The credit goes to LoveLost for figuring this out.
Notice how in the penguin wallpaper, the seal cave is, well, a cave!

(Sorry for the crummy picture.)

But in Mt. Shiveer, it's still blocked off!

It will probably be a cave for a new land!

While I was doing the Crystal Sands Journey Book, I noticed that the little plant, (the one that you click, and it grows) is gone!

It's probably because the Tapir comes and sits on it. :\

And as many of you may have noticed, AJ has put up 4th of July decorations!

Sorry for the long post jammers! There's so much new stuff to post after the update!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sun Balloon!

Heya jammers today's new item is available for tickets at the Summer Carnival!

It's perfect for a day at Crystal Sands!

I've seen some pretty disturbing things happening on AJ....

I remember when my friends Horsespirit4, doggirl10, and I met a jammer that was just plain disgusting.
He came into doggirl10's den randomly one day.. My memories are scared for ever... 0-0
We later found out that he was 21 year old freak that didn't have a life... So he came on AJ to curse and doing other stuff that was.... Well, um. I'm just not gonna say
Eh, I don't know if I wanna post pictures of bad stuff happening, after all, AJ is a children's website, so children read my blog too. ^^ I don't wanna add on by showing the disgusting stuff again.

I hope this advice helps jammers! We banned both of the greepo's (creepo) accounts, so if anything on AJ makes you scared, disgusted, or anything in that manner, REPORT THEM! AJ HQ is smart to detect stuff like that. ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Penguin Only Party!

Hey jammers! This post is about the Penguins Only Party, but before I forget, check out the new plushies at the Summer Carnival!

Now onto the party!

When you get in, you're waist deep in snow!

You can try to break the ice with friends!

 Go in a chilly pool!

Go down epic slides!

Get cool up at the top!

Get mini floating objects next to you!

And buy things!

 Yep! That's the penguin party folks!