Friday, June 22, 2012

Sun Balloon!

Heya jammers today's new item is available for tickets at the Summer Carnival!

It's perfect for a day at Crystal Sands!

I've seen some pretty disturbing things happening on AJ....

I remember when my friends Horsespirit4, doggirl10, and I met a jammer that was just plain disgusting.
He came into doggirl10's den randomly one day.. My memories are scared for ever... 0-0
We later found out that he was 21 year old freak that didn't have a life... So he came on AJ to curse and doing other stuff that was.... Well, um. I'm just not gonna say
Eh, I don't know if I wanna post pictures of bad stuff happening, after all, AJ is a children's website, so children read my blog too. ^^ I don't wanna add on by showing the disgusting stuff again.

I hope this advice helps jammers! We banned both of the greepo's (creepo) accounts, so if anything on AJ makes you scared, disgusted, or anything in that manner, REPORT THEM! AJ HQ is smart to detect stuff like that. ;)


  1. Greepo! Courtesy of Horsespirit4!!!! Came into the world as a typo and has continued being used as a synonym of creepo!!!!



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