Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beret + More

Hey jammers! Here are today's new items!

A Beret, available in Jam Mart Clothing

And a penguin mat, available at the Penguins Only Party. (Credit goes to LoveLost for the picture)

Now onto the "More" part of the post.

First of all, I had the really weird glitch happen to me.
I was doing the 'underwater animal in a Horses Only Party' glitch.  That was long... :l
Anyways, I got into the Horses Only party as a penguin, only everyone everybody else was an underwater animal too!

I also had a clone!

I figured out that that I was actually in Kani cove, but in the Horses Only party setting.

Well that was a very glitchy glitch!

The credit goes to LoveLost for figuring this out.
Notice how in the penguin wallpaper, the seal cave is, well, a cave!

(Sorry for the crummy picture.)

But in Mt. Shiveer, it's still blocked off!

It will probably be a cave for a new land!

While I was doing the Crystal Sands Journey Book, I noticed that the little plant, (the one that you click, and it grows) is gone!

It's probably because the Tapir comes and sits on it. :\

And as many of you may have noticed, AJ has put up 4th of July decorations!

Sorry for the long post jammers! There's so much new stuff to post after the update!

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