Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Raccoon Tail!

Hey jammers! There's a new epic tail item at the Summer Carnival!

Cool right!! I hope that we can get raccoons on AJ soon! ^^

Monday, July 30, 2012


Hi again jammers! Me and my friend Candycorngirl485 were talking about music, and all the sudden I got this message form AJ.

Umm, how about I redo the conversation, shall I?

Candycorngirl485: Do you listen to country music?

Me: Yeah kinda, but I prefer pop. :L

*Weird message pops out of nowhere*


Rare Item Monday 7/30/12

Hello jammers!

Today we have an underwater "rare" item! Plus, it's for non-members!

I also forgot to post about an item that came out yesterday, the Sandy Seashells. ^^

Also, check out my new mini blog! Click here to go to the blog!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hi jammers! It looks like we're kind of starting a wood-theme in Jam Mart Furniture! Check out the newest item!

This is gonna be a short post... ^^

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kelp Tree and Seaweed Boa

Hello jammers! Today's items are made for underwater only!

The Seaweed Boa,

And the Kelp Tree!

Lawl. I love the Kelp Tree. .3.

I also took off the blog music. ._.
If you want to buy it for yourself, the song is  called World Go Boom.

P.S. Check out this hilarious video! Click here to watch it! ;D

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hey jammers...

Okay, I'm sick of it.  I was at two parties today, and one of the parties had betting, and the other had "Flashing."

I feel like I'm going to tear my hair out.


My buddies were betting and flashing, I told them not to but they did it anyways. I know that they make their own decisions, but I feel like I'm invisible. /)n(\

I'm also very afraid that they'll get scammed.
I'm even more afraid that they might scam.  :o

Please, Please, PLEASE, help me stop all this non-sense.

Golden Tiara

Hi jammers! This new item is sold in the upper-class Epic Wonders!

Eh, it's a good price for Epic Wonders. :S

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fox Plushie

Hi jammers! We have the last item in the fox collection, the Giant Fox Plushie!

There's also a weird glitch where if you look someone up, their profile looks like this.

Weird.. >.<

There was also a Jammialiday Jam yesterday.

Have any of you heard of Christmas in July? Yes, yesterday was July 25th.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Knight Armor

Hey jammers! There's a new item in Jam Mart Clothing!

Too bad it's members only. :C

I got this message from AJ HQ yesterday!

There was also a mini earthquake here at about 3:19 Pacific Standard Time. Was it bigger in other places? I hope no one got hurt. ^^'

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fox Topiary

Hey jammers! As most of us expected, the Fox Topiary came out today in the Conservation Museum.

I also went on my brother's account yesterday, bouncer300, and when I logged on his account, he got a dragon glove!

What? I great jammer? My bro never goes on anymore! I should have gotten it instead. T^T
Haha just kidding. I'm still jealous though. :|

Monday, July 23, 2012

AJ Offline! D:

... Hi jammers! AJ is offline right now. :|

Yep, so I can't get the picture myself.  -Takes deep breath- So.... I decided to use the picture that snowyclaw took! SO ALL THE CREDIT FOR THIS PICTURE GOES TO SNOWYCLAW!
Thank you. ^^

Wow! The price is as much a new animal!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Golden Wings!

Hello jammers! We have the new GOLDEN WINGS available in Epic Wonders!

Whoa... *-*

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fox Banner and Kite

Hi jammers! There's a new Fox Banner available at the Conservation Museum.

Be sure to be on the look out for more fox items soon!

There's also a new Kite available at the Summer Carnival!

And I got this message from AJ HQ yesterday.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Knight Armor and More!

Hello jammers! I'm very happy to say that today we have a non-member item! :D


Sadly, the other item is not non-member, but it is a shaman statue! Say hello to the new fox shaman!

I also had a few of these glitches go on yesterday.

When a was looking at a jammer's animals, there was a glitch with the background..

It's an odd black tiger shape!

Also , when I was looking at my friend's fox, she had and odd black shape near her neck. :\

And something weird. I was trying to check out a jammer's blog, but when ever I would go to it, then I would get that scam where it said "Congrats, you're the 100,000th visitor! Please pick your prize!" I was trying to tell the jammer that owned the blog that it was happening, and I said something like, " When ever I go to your blog, a scam pops up!" Then AJ HQ sent me this...

I was like, whaa...???

Maybe AJ HQ got confused. I have no idea. :|

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Update 7/19/12

Wow! Lots of new stuff in Jamaa today! Let's start out with the main attraction!

(Ignore the the Summer Carnival thing if you can. :P)

FOXES ARE HERE IN JAMAA!! There's lots of new things about them too! Check them out! :D

There's a new badge!

New plushies! (Credit goes to snowyclaw for the picture)

A new post card!

And.. well, lots of other cool stuff! ;3

Here's what foxes look like.

As we all predicted, they're for members only.

And now onto other new things in Jamaa!

If you forgot to ignore the part about the Summer Carnival above, then you would know that every thing there is 50% off! There's also lots of new plushies at the Summer Carnival!

And now for something amazing. Us jammers donated more than 50,000,000 gems! I had no idea that jammers cared so much! I'm so happy! ^^,

LET'S GET TO 100,000,000 JAMMERS!

There's a new den shop in Coral Canyons.

You can buy any den!

There's a new settings thing, located between the room name, and the "Report a Player" button.

xD I have 999 days left to be a member! I won't be needing to by a new membership anytime soon.

There was a post about AJ Outfitters in the newspaper.

Also a reminder about the July membership.

And the Samurai Penguin outfit.

There's also a glitch with Jamaa Township when you click on it.

See how the J is covered up?

There are 2 new items avaible today.

And the Horse Shaman now has a name!

And you can finally free-paint!