Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Update 7/19/12

Wow! Lots of new stuff in Jamaa today! Let's start out with the main attraction!

(Ignore the the Summer Carnival thing if you can. :P)

FOXES ARE HERE IN JAMAA!! There's lots of new things about them too! Check them out! :D

There's a new badge!

New plushies! (Credit goes to snowyclaw for the picture)

A new post card!

And.. well, lots of other cool stuff! ;3

Here's what foxes look like.

As we all predicted, they're for members only.

And now onto other new things in Jamaa!

If you forgot to ignore the part about the Summer Carnival above, then you would know that every thing there is 50% off! There's also lots of new plushies at the Summer Carnival!

And now for something amazing. Us jammers donated more than 50,000,000 gems! I had no idea that jammers cared so much! I'm so happy! ^^,

LET'S GET TO 100,000,000 JAMMERS!

There's a new den shop in Coral Canyons.

You can buy any den!

There's a new settings thing, located between the room name, and the "Report a Player" button.

xD I have 999 days left to be a member! I won't be needing to by a new membership anytime soon.

There was a post about AJ Outfitters in the newspaper.

Also a reminder about the July membership.

And the Samurai Penguin outfit.

There's also a glitch with Jamaa Township when you click on it.

See how the J is covered up?

There are 2 new items avaible today.

And the Horse Shaman now has a name!

And you can finally free-paint!



  1. dont take this as a bad comment but PLEASE change the music my speakers were all they way up and woke my grandma up at two in the morning

    1. Well, I am going to change the music soon, but it's really not my problem that your speakers were on and woke your grandma up. :\

    2. Lol, I bet half of the gem donations were mine!

  2. I like the way you post. Keep posting! =3 You take your time (unless someone probably like me).

    1. :L I rush a lot these days because I have summer camp, but thank you.
      I like the way you post too! I can't tell that your posts are rushed. .3.


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