Sunday, July 1, 2012

Council Day Flag + More

Hey-lo jammers! Today's item is a... Council Day Flag!

It's probably a Canada Day flag, because Canada was once a part of France, but on Canada Day, they separated!


I got an awesome one, I must say. ^^

And now I'm going to get depressed. One of my BFF's is moving to somewhere in Europe today. Well, actually she's going to New York, staying there for today, and then moving.  Yep, you guessed it.  Fuzzywuzzy1234 and her family are the one's that are leaving. :'(

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  1. There are three other ones, the princess one, the lava one, and the ice one (the princess one is in my den if you need a picture :)


  2. Yeah, I knew that there were 4. ^^ I just didn't feel the need to post them.

    1. Np :)

      I remember when I first saw your blog (I saw it like a week after it was made) I beleive your first backround was the blossom forest! I always loved it because it was so peaceful (you have good taste in backrounds-you had and epic licorice rainbow pattern thingy and now this one looks like seafoam green-EPIC!) Can you check out my blog (you were kinda my inspiration because urs is EPIC) I might've asked you to see my blog in another comment, but since im having technical difficulties, sometimes my comments dont post :(
      For some reason I llove giving and getting comments! It's just so fun! If you enjoy my blog, could you mention it or something? (if you want to-no pressure)

      When you gt famous like oveLost, don't forget me-one of your first commenters and an all-time reader :)

      Oh and if you visit my blog, could you leave a comment (sorry I just LOVE comments!)

      Oh yeah, how do you put the little description?
      (like urs says "Please keep all comments appropriate for all ages, an no bullying, cursing, or spamming"

      (sorry VERY VERY VERY VERY long reply- I tend to go on and on :X )

    2. Of course I'll view your blog, make a post on it, and comment on it! It'll be my pleasure!

      And these are the instructions on how to get the message for the comments.
      Go to your blogger tools and click "Settings".
      Once you click settings, there should be a few things under it. Click "Posts and Comments".
      When you click that, scroll down a bit. The last thing on the page should be something that says "Comment Form Message" type in what you want to tell people when they're commenting.

      Hope it helped! Sorry for the not-so-good instructions. ;)


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