Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stuff! :D

Hi again jammers! This post is about some things that I did, found out about, or anything like that. :L
Let's start off with stuff that I bought with my real money!

I bought the 25,000 gems pack. (I was really low on gems, and didn't want to play games.. :|)
I also bought the humming bird membership pack! I don't need to expand my membership, I juts wanted a humming bird. ;D

When I logged on, I had to open lots of these presents.

One of them was this.

Another was this.

The next one was this.

And the last one was this!

Then it took me straight to the humming bird pet-maker thingy :P

The first humming bird that you make is free.

These are my three little hummys! :3

While we're on the topic of pets, I got my snake pet effects! xD

I FINALLY got pet effects! I've been trying for a little more than a mouth now... I'll post more details later! (Maybe..)

I guess that now in Falling Phantoms, they're putting random objects on Horses, just like in Horse Derby.  I'm not sure if it's only horses, or all animals. I just saw this horse once.

I got ANOTHER one of these messages from AJ HQ

I had this weird glitch happen to me in Coral Canyons. :|

I'm not there, I can't move, and no one else is there either!

That sure was a lot of "Stuff" as the title is called.


It seems that Animal Jam is being updated right now! I wonder what for!

As soon as I udated this post, AJ came back on! This is a picture of Aladan that's not full 0-0

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