Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hello jammers! We have a new item at the Summer Carnival today!

You sure do need a lot of tickets to buy this item! ^^

I also put up a poll on the side. It looks like a lot of people like the World Go Boom music! To be honest, I kind of want to get rid of it.. I'm sick of hear the "Take take it all!" when ever I visit my blog. >.<  I may keep it on for a while, and then change the music.

I was also in Jamaa when I saw this horrible jammer (should I even call him/her that? >:C )

How can someone even say that?! LoveLost is a great inspiration to me! And and what has LoveLost done? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT CALLS FOR JAMMERS DOING THIS!
I mean, come on. This person must be real jealous to do something like that. :c
But I have seen worse usernames, and even names for one hacker.

When you see jammers like this, report them right away! We all want to make Jamaa a better place, right?


  1. That is totally disrespectful and upsetting! LoveLost is my inspiration too! I started blogging because of her amazing posts!

    1. She's one of the reasons I started blogging. She's such a great jammer. c:


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