Friday, July 27, 2012


Hey jammers...

Okay, I'm sick of it.  I was at two parties today, and one of the parties had betting, and the other had "Flashing."

I feel like I'm going to tear my hair out.


My buddies were betting and flashing, I told them not to but they did it anyways. I know that they make their own decisions, but I feel like I'm invisible. /)n(\

I'm also very afraid that they'll get scammed.
I'm even more afraid that they might scam.  :o

Please, Please, PLEASE, help me stop all this non-sense.


  1. It is sad. T.T Also I think I said hi to you but got no reply... But anyways have a nice day!

    1. Sorry that I didn't reply! I was probably on brb, or doing something else on another tab. ^^

  2. Hiya Snowdog900!
    I'm glad that you are concerned about your buddies and what they were doing at your party. I sure hope they get the message on what you didn't like about that!

    Maybe you could talk to them alone and say that you didn't like that they were betting and flash trading at your party, since that wasn't the type of party you were having!

    Hopefully they understand what you are telling them, and maybe they'll stop. When you post about your next party, you could say that you wouldn't allow and trading of that kind, and you want your party to be free of scamming and other things!

    If your buddies deny what you are trying to tell them or don't listen to you, or just ignore you, then they aren't your true buddies!

    I hope this advice helps you!

    *From Feelers Advice Column*

    Jam On!

    1. Thanks Feelers! I'll take your advice! :D

  3. Aw Snow! They should'a listened! Lemme at 'em! Lemme at 'em!

    (sorry )

    Anyway, what is betting and "flashing" (sorry i feel so dumb not knowing this ). Whatever it is, it doesn't seem good on a kid's website :L

    1. Betting is where 2 jammers will offer an item to each other, and play a mini-game. Who ever wins to mini-game gets the prize! As you could probably guess, MANY jammers scam if they lose. I know there are some fair betters out there (I still don't support them for betting T-T) but a lot of them are my friends, and I don't want them to get scammed. >.<

      Flashing is when a jammer will flash a trade really quickly at another jammer. I THINK THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING EVER INVENTED ON ANIMAL JAM!! I MEAN COME ON!! It's like "Haha I'm gonna flash my best rare and not get it taken because I'm too slow! Haha" SO FLIPPIN' STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! /)_- I bet Mira (you know which one I mean..the bird) is going to cause them to get the rare taken away.

      I hope my friend who was flashing doesn't read this, but for a moment, I wanted to delete her/him. ^^'

      :D I hope you read this because it took, like, 10 minuets to write! XD

      Your BDF,
      Snow .3.

  4. Thanks for such a GREAT answer. I understand it now :3 It's NOT GOOD to bet on a kids website peeps!

    Go get a life! Kay sorry mini moment of RAGE >;D
    Anyway Changed my name. Still the same person though :)


  5. I'm in! I will help you stop this nonsense :)
    Maybe you should talk to your buddies alone about what they were doing and tell them it is NOT okay to do that at your party. If they don't listen, then it shows that they are good buddies. (Kinda like what Feelers said.) And you know, if they choose to ignore you, it's alright. It's their own choice. They can choose to do the wrong thing and get themselves in trouble. That's their own problem.
    Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks Rainbow! You're the best! :D


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