Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Early Update

  Hey jammers! If you read the title, then you would know that today is an EARLY UPDATE.

Here are the basics.

 There's a new Fantasy Castle. It costs 7,500 gems, a little much don't you think?

 I'll do more details on this one later.

 Now it will be a lot easier to get to some place in Jamaa Township. :D

 Didn't they just post this in the last Jamaa Journal?

 Cool! Once I get more gems, I'll make my penguin look like this!

 This looks familiar...

 YAY! Foxes are coming to Jamaa! Do you think that they'll stand on two legs?

 This one kind of explains itself.

 Did they say, party?

 And these are all the Nature Archways!

Like I said, these are just the basics. I'll post about the new party, Falling Phantoms, and new items later. ;)


  1. Since i'm in Europe right now i'm 9 hours ahead so I have to find out what's new myself (well, I mean, I already do tht but I like to clarify with your blog to ee if I missed anything :)

  2. Hey Snowdog! Check out my new blog!

    Link: animaljampawsomeness.blogspot.com

    If you enjoy it, can you tell the ppl about it because I really want more ppl to enjoy it :)

    Keep in mind it's not completely done, I'm still going to add stuffz in.

  3. I hope the foxes don't stand on their front legs- it seems too human :\

    Do you agree with me? I mean AJ has been too human-the most shocking thing is the nunchucks- it's violent!!!! And AJ's description is "a fun place where you can play games, dress up, and meet new friends!" (or something like that) Yeah, make new friends alright-a little TOO friendly sometimes :\

    1. I know right!! I totally agree with you!

    2. Unless the fox is just "striking a pose". I really hope its on four legs because I LOVE foxes. TECHNICINAL DIFFICULTIES!!!! I can only see the replies and what you replied to. Did you get my message about my blog? (I think it's before the one that you replied to)

    3. Ya I did! What's your URL though?

    4. (sorry i'm not good with computer stuffz) Is a URL a link (I'm leaning toward the yes side, but i'm not so sure) because, f it is, my link is:

    5. Great! I'll put it in my newest post! :D


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