Friday, July 20, 2012

Knight Armor and More!

Hello jammers! I'm very happy to say that today we have a non-member item! :D


Sadly, the other item is not non-member, but it is a shaman statue! Say hello to the new fox shaman!

I also had a few of these glitches go on yesterday.

When a was looking at a jammer's animals, there was a glitch with the background..

It's an odd black tiger shape!

Also , when I was looking at my friend's fox, she had and odd black shape near her neck. :\

And something weird. I was trying to check out a jammer's blog, but when ever I would go to it, then I would get that scam where it said "Congrats, you're the 100,000th visitor! Please pick your prize!" I was trying to tell the jammer that owned the blog that it was happening, and I said something like, " When ever I go to your blog, a scam pops up!" Then AJ HQ sent me this...

I was like, whaa...???

Maybe AJ HQ got confused. I have no idea. :|

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  1. I had that same background glitch! It'z kind of weird X3



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