Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bamboo Fence

Hi jammers! There's a new non-member Bamboo Fence in Jam Mart Furniture!

So epic, so epic.

AJHQ posted on The Daily Explorer.

Just a bit late on this post AJHQ...

I also got this letter in the mail!

Isn't it September 30th? Can members get these one day early? If you're a member, I would appreciate if you told me if you can get one or not. ;w;

That's all I have to post about now jammers! Enjoy you're Sunday!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hi jammers! There's a new Bamboo thingy-ma-bobber at Treetop Gardens!

It's been out before, I have one. ^^

Phh. I wish I had spell check back.....

Anywho, there's a new post about safety on The Daily Explorer!

It could be a bit more interesting. :L

Boring boring boring post. Blah.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Butterfly Glasses and Acorn Tea Set!

Heya jammers! T.G.I.F. is all I can say! Anyway, there's a returned item in Jam Mart Clothing,

And a new item in Jam Mart Furniture!

I think we can all guess that there's going to be an acorn theme in Jam Mart Furniture. :P

There are also 2 new Daily Explorer posts!

Now I guess it's 'Night of the Phantoms.' :l (Fun fact: Phantom was one of my challenge words on last week's spelling test! Of course, I aced the word. =D)


Wait- What. I thought it said Mushroom Hunt. I got all excited. ._.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

AJ Update!

Hey jammers! I totally forgot about the AJ update! >:P It's really not a big one, the only thing even close to surprising about this update is the new Mushroom Hut!

Well, I guess I shouldn't forget the new items!

Leg Armor is back, and there's a new Pencil Table available for members.

Here's the rest of the new stuff. :l

Oh yes! I forgot to mention that AJ is getting spppooooky for Hallo- ....I mean Day of the Phantoms! ^^'

I can't wait for all the fun and games to begin! :D


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hey there jammers! Sorry I didn't post yesterday or earlier today. I'm sick of my laptop. I'm not going near it anymore because it's not like my old laptop. ;-; Yep. I also became a non-member today!  ... Okay. Let's move on to new items. ^^'

Yesterday's new item was the Barrel Sponge!

Seriously. When did this go out of stores?

Today's new item is the beautiful Passion Flower!

There are also two new posts on The Daily Explorer.

Here are also some things that will pop up when becoming a non-member!

Then choose two animals you would like to be.

Then this last message will pop up.

My animals now look like this.

You like?

I'm planning on getting my membership back over the weekend, but I have a book report and a piece of art that I have to finish for school... So I may not have the time. :c

That's all for now jammers! Have a good evening!


Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey jammers! This post is buddies! This is not a meaning full post. T.T It's just a post about adding and deleting buddies!

I will not except any buddy requests through mail UNLESS I have said that I would like you to. For instance, I have met jammers on other websites and told them that they can send me a buddy request through mail.

I will not add you if I don't know you well enough! You can't just say "Hi!" and expect me to except your buddy request!

Now, I also delete buddies. If you see I have deleted you, there are a few reasons why it may have happened.

Sometimes my buddy list will glitch and say they I have deleted you, when on my screen you're still my buddy!

I may have found out that you scammed, hacked, ect. and may delete you without notice. Same thing goes if I have found out that you've lied, hurt another of my friends feelings, or bullied any jammer!

The most common reason I will delete you is if you don't visit me! Nearly 1/3 of my friends never say hi to me! Some jammers clearly don't understand the word 'friend.' :l

I may delete you if you haven't been on in a very long time.  If you come back on and are planning on staying on for a while, send me a Jam-A-Gram and I will most likely add you back.

There are many other reasons, but these are the first ones that come to mind!


Rare Arctic Hood

Hey jammers! AJ is finally working again! ^3^ So. . . As many of you know, today is RIM! (Rare Item Monday)

This week's 'rare' is the Rare Arctic Hood!

I was expecting this to come out this week, because AJ HQ's accidental post last week. >.<

Speaking of posts, there's a new post on The Daily Explorer about this new item!

Better get one while it lasts! ;D

[Siggy not available]

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby Palm Tree

Hey jammers! Today's new(ish) item in the Baby Palm Tree! It has been sold before, and became rare after it went on clearence!


AJ HQ also posted about the Penguins Only Party!


Notice that odd notepad with a push-pin! I wonder what that is!

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why is Snow Dawg just coping from AJS, yo?" Well, I'm actaully on my dad's laptop because he kinda-sorta completly refreshed my computer so my Bamboo Tablet could work. :| If you don't get what I mean be refreshed, it means that it's like a completly new computer on the inside. Yup. Everything I put on my desktop, lost. ;-; I'm quite depressed about it it because I put a lot of work into everything on my desktop.  My dad says there's someway to get it back though, so I may be getting all of my stuff back soon enough. :3  Still depressed though, because there's a lot of other stuff I had, like my bookmarks bar, all my applications, I have to do all the research and work to get everything I had back. =-=  And did my dad ask me if he could refresh my laptop. NO. He just did it because he thought he was doing the right thing. >:I WELL HE COULD'VE ASK ME!!!
Yep. I'm really angry. Snarl.

[ Siggy currently unavailible.]

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Flower Glasses

Hi jammers! Today is another item that has returned to Jamaa!

Flower Glasses!

It's a good price considering everything is in Jamaa seems to be 600 gems and over. >.<

AJ HQ also posted an awesome article about Mira!

It seems as if we're getting more spirit in Jamaa! :D

Friday, September 21, 2012

Zios Mask

Hello jammers! There's a new Zios Mask in Epic Wonders!

I love the design, but I don't like the green in the mask. It kind of looks like it was just thrown in there to pop out. .-.

AJ HQ also posted 2 new posts on the Daily Explorer!

The new News Crew assignment seems great! I'll be sure to enter!
As for the t-shirts, I like the designs, but the background color for the girls shirts seems a bit odd. :l

That's all I have to post! Have a jamtastic Friday, and see you all on AJ!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mini Update?

Hi jammers! There was a mini update in the Jamaa Journal today! Quite weird!

They only updated the first page, so the rest are just the same. :L

There's also a super cool new plant at Treetop Gardens! It's the Lobster Claw!

See how the flowers resemble a lobster's claw?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bubble Emitter

Heya jammers! The new item an item that I'm almost certain has came out before. :V

The Bubble Emitter!

 It looks so familiar!

AJ HQ also posted a new post on The Daily Explorer!

I used to be a huge plushie collector! That was, until they took up my whole inventory. :|