Sunday, September 9, 2012

Graham Fountain?

Hi jammers! I've heard that there's a new item in the Monkeys Only Party! The Graham Fountain!

Sadly, I haven't been to a Monkeys Only Party yet, so I don't have a picture. ;-;

[Insert picture here]

Anyways, I've decided that I'm going to depend on smaller blogs to help with my updates. ^^
I've always been reading Animal Jam Spirit, and I just noticed that that blog gets most for the veiws, (no problem with that, because snowyclaw works so hard!) and other blogs are mostly hanging around, doing all these hard updates when not many people even look at they're blog!

So, I'm going to be looking for the updates myself on weekends, and look at other smaller blogs on the weekdays!

I hope it helps spread the views out more evenly. :3

Oh! And I almost forgot! Goofy8966 has found a new code!


I better update my code page!

There's a new Jammer of the Mouth! Be sure to check it out!


I got the picture of the Graham Fountain!
Here you are!

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  1. I agree! There's nothing wrong with snowyclaw getting a bunch of veiws, but I think that Jammers with less popular blogs think it's unfair that one blog gets so much attention.
    I think I'll do that too. Here's a good blog to check out...


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