Friday, September 21, 2012

Zios Mask

Hello jammers! There's a new Zios Mask in Epic Wonders!

I love the design, but I don't like the green in the mask. It kind of looks like it was just thrown in there to pop out. .-.

AJ HQ also posted 2 new posts on the Daily Explorer!

The new News Crew assignment seems great! I'll be sure to enter!
As for the t-shirts, I like the designs, but the background color for the girls shirts seems a bit odd. :l

That's all I have to post! Have a jamtastic Friday, and see you all on AJ!


  1. I agree about the new item. To me, the green makes it look some what creepy :o. I like the plum wolf one :3.

  2. P.S I also would like the "Prancing ponie" tee if it wern't pink :P. I don't like pink.


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