Thursday, September 13, 2012

AJ Update 9/13!

Hi jammers! Today's AJ's newest update! There's lots of fun new stuff to do! Check it out!


Don't forget to attend the awesome Birthday Party,

And enter the code BIRTHDAYBASH for a special party favor!

How 'bout you play some fun games at the Carnival with your friends?

And maybe practice your artistic skills with the new coloring pages!

Don't forget to grab a pet monkey if you're a member!

Is your animal feeling bland? Well then you should look at the Costume Corner!

What? You don't have enough gems to buy clothing from the Costume Corner? Well, just play the new Hedgehog game in Sarepia Forest!

It's like Pac-Man but a lot easier :P

And finally, what we've all been waiting for... THE NEW DEN!

What? Still not a new den? T.T

Well, we can expect it to look something like this...

Mushroom House... Allright..
Now all we need are Smurfs. ._.


  1. The mushroom reminds me of Toad from Mario Brothers! :P

    1. XD
      Funny, I was just playing New Super Mario Bros! 8D

  2. XD "Now all we need are the Smurfs" XDD


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