Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tall Cactus

Hey jammers! Today's newest item is the one and only Tall Cactus!

These were available before, and became quite rare!

Today's my first day of school. :S My hair looks like a bird died it, and I look so tired that someone might think I just ran to the East Coast. Ahh.. It's all new to me. I'm a the top of the school this year! (Woot woot) Sadly, I'll have to be applying for middle schools this year.

Yeah, yeah. I like talking about my life. ^^ It's fun! :D


  1. :o Me too :D! Exept it isnt my first day of school though..Are you going into 5th? (You dont have to tell me). I am.

    1. Cool! I'm actually in 6th.. But I loved loved loved loved LOVED fifth! I had an awesome hippie teacher!

      I hope you enjoy fifth as much as I did.. even if you don't go to my school. :P

  2. Your hair did not look like a bird nest!! :D

    You looked beautiful :) You even got a compliment form da teach!!

    Good we are in the same class XD


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