Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey jammers! This post is buddies! This is not a meaning full post. T.T It's just a post about adding and deleting buddies!

I will not except any buddy requests through mail UNLESS I have said that I would like you to. For instance, I have met jammers on other websites and told them that they can send me a buddy request through mail.

I will not add you if I don't know you well enough! You can't just say "Hi!" and expect me to except your buddy request!

Now, I also delete buddies. If you see I have deleted you, there are a few reasons why it may have happened.

Sometimes my buddy list will glitch and say they I have deleted you, when on my screen you're still my buddy!

I may have found out that you scammed, hacked, ect. and may delete you without notice. Same thing goes if I have found out that you've lied, hurt another of my friends feelings, or bullied any jammer!

The most common reason I will delete you is if you don't visit me! Nearly 1/3 of my friends never say hi to me! Some jammers clearly don't understand the word 'friend.' :l

I may delete you if you haven't been on in a very long time.  If you come back on and are planning on staying on for a while, send me a Jam-A-Gram and I will most likely add you back.

There are many other reasons, but these are the first ones that come to mind!



  1. Ugh, I hate it when I get Jam-a-Grams through mail! It's SO annoying. -.-

  2. How do you send buddy requests through mail?


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