Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hey there jammers! Sorry I didn't post yesterday or earlier today. I'm sick of my laptop. I'm not going near it anymore because it's not like my old laptop. ;-; Yep. I also became a non-member today!  ... Okay. Let's move on to new items. ^^'

Yesterday's new item was the Barrel Sponge!

Seriously. When did this go out of stores?

Today's new item is the beautiful Passion Flower!

There are also two new posts on The Daily Explorer.

Here are also some things that will pop up when becoming a non-member!

Then choose two animals you would like to be.

Then this last message will pop up.

My animals now look like this.

You like?

I'm planning on getting my membership back over the weekend, but I have a book report and a piece of art that I have to finish for school... So I may not have the time. :c

That's all for now jammers! Have a good evening!


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  1. I hope you do D:! But, It's okay, You're still awesome ;D!


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