Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Update!

Hey jammers! As many of you know, the new update is today! Here are some things that you should know about!

Penguins are for non-members + A Penguin Only party! (I wonder if the party will be on-land, underwater, or both!)

A reminder about hummingbirds.

Foxes are coming to Jamaa!! I absolutely love foxes, so I can't wait to buy one! (In four weeks... :l)

It looks like AJ HQ is sorting through the pet contests.

Oh! And a new Crystal Sands Journey Book!

It looks like new prizes will be coming to the Carnival all summer!

And game machines are half off.  I don't buy them anyways, because you can play it free if you go around Jamaa...

A reminder about Golden Gloves.

 And a reminder about 'Rare' items!

That's it for the newspaper, now onto new items!

In Epic Wonders (Yep, you guessed it! Something gold.)
Gold Sword

Me likey •3•

And in Jam Mart Furniture, Star Couch!

Oh, and this glitch happened to me yesterday.

Notice how under Jenny7, it says Avatar Name.

Very odd..

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