Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pufferfish Helmet + More

Hey jammers! Today's item is...

I knew this item was going to come out soon, because the Pufferfish Spikes came out.

Have you also noticed the butterfly silhouettes that fill up unused pet places?

Oh, and I know these have been around for a while now, but I finally got a picture of a phantom figure!

And I got this message from AJ HQ yesterday.

Oh! And before I forget, check out my best buddy Wolves900's new warrior cats blog!!
Click here to get to it!


  1. Hiya Snowy!!
    Wolves900 here, thanks for mentioning my new blog!
    Juts make sure you don't read the part marked "spoilers" becuz I know you hate them!

    Oh yeah, and you probably already know this (don't worry about giving me credit cuz this is sooo obvious) that leaf necklaces came out. IM SO HAPPY!
    Now we just need tophats.... x3

    1. Yeah, I knew that they came out (duh :P) but I just get lazy if I post late, and I don't do new items...


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