Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Carnival Guide

Heya jammers! Just wanted to give you a little guide to the new Summer Carnival!

Let's start out with the cotton candy machine.

First pick a cone.

Then choose a flavor. (You can have up to 3 flavors)

When you're done with the game, your cotton candy will float along side of you!

If you want to make a special phantom cotton candy, do this. (Thank you Horsespirit4 for reminding me of this)

It doesn't matter which cone you choose.
Use this pattern of flavors to get the phantom cotton candy.


It will look like this at first

But then it will look like this.

There's also a station where you can print out pages of fun games.

Now on to the games that get you tickets.
They all cost 5 gems to play.

First, there's Candy Catch.

It reminds me of the smoothie and pop corn maker. :l
Catch candy, and avoid the phantoms!

Then there's Whack-A-Phantom.

It's like Whack-A-Mole.
Hit the phantoms that aren't electric.

This last one, Phantom Ball, is the one that gets you the most tickets, by far.

It's one of the classic carnival games.
Try to aim the phantom into one of the holes!

Now of course, what would tickets be if you can't buy anything with them!
There are 2 shops in the carnival. One for pet plushies, one for clothing items.

Hope this guide helped jammers! Have a great time at the Summer Carnival!

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