Monday, October 8, 2012

Rare Big Skull!

Hey jammers! Yup, I'm back! I would have been able to post if SOME PARENTS let me bring my laptop. ;_;

So anyways, today is Rare Item Monday! There is the Rare Big Skull available at the Shiveer Shoppe!

It looks a lot like the Spooky Skull! Same colors, just not in the same places.

AJHQ posted about it, like they always do.

I was looking at a jammer's trade-list, and I saw this!

How odd! Do any of you jammers know how to get one of these?

AJHQ sent out this message a while ago. :l

And here's a random picture of Wolves900 and I! Ehehe, yeah. Random...

Lawl. o3o

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  1. Epicness.

    • wolves900•
    ( On iPad- too lazy to log in :3)


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