Monday, October 29, 2012

Rare Item Monday 10/29

Heya jammers! I'm sorry (again >.<) for not posting in the morning. I do have good news though! My mom has kinda-sorta-maybe let me bring my laptop into my bedroom! What does this mean you may ask? Well it means many things, but the one related to AJ is that now my mom will let me post earlier in  the mornings! (Whenever I would try to get up early to post the stairs would always make such a noise, I basically woke everyone up at 6 in the morning. ^^') I don't think that what I mean by early in the morning is like, 12 'o clock in the morning. I still need to get it sorted out though, so I'm not making any promises!

Wow, that's a whole post right there, but I have more to post about.

It's RIM! Like always, the Rare is way over priced. Why does AJHQ sell the items at such high prices?

I like the colors, though it seems a bit vague.

Like every Monday, AJHQ posted about the so called 'rare' .

I'd also like to bring your attention to the Halloween Countdown Clock. Yep! We sure are getting close!

What are you dressing up for for Halloween jammers? I'm being a teenaged version of Elmo. OwO
Wolves900 is being Cookie Monster! :D So cute! As you can probably guess, we're going trick-or-treating together, hopefully to get more candy than we ever did before! We set a goal. :3

I guess that's it jammers! I'll try my hardest to post in the morning tomorrow, maybe earlier then I usually do.


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