Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vampire Mask

Heya jammers! There are two new Halloween Items in stores today!

Do you think they'll release Scary Bat Wings this year? I sure hope they do.. But non-member items aren't AJ's thing anymore. =.=

There's also Tulips available at Treetop Gardens!

AJHQ posted about my favorite plushies.... BUNNIES!

No wait.. Maybe seal plushies are my favorite... :\

300th post! WOO HOO!


  1. Hi Snowdog! :D
    It's me Cinnamonrose/ShadowS5734/Nightflame
    Well you know my blog Animal Jam Escape? Yea... I know I quit it ages ago but I think I'll use it again... :P
    And you know how you asked me to make you a banner? I'll be making it now... ;)

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! I can't believe you remembered! c:

    2. You're welcome! :D
      Btw, I finished the banner. I used a picture of your wolf, Snowflake Arcticwolf... if thats alright.

  2. Go Snowy... Congrats on the 300th!

    Hahaha...I thought it said "Vanilla Mask"... .-.


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