Sunday, February 5, 2012

Special Hot Cocoa Glitch!

Hi jammers! I just wanted to show you this glitch (not really sure that it's a glitch, maybe AJ put it there for a reason,) about hot cocoa! I think it's really cool. First you have to go through these steps: Choose a cup (doesn't matter which one)

Then pick the color (doesn't matter which color)

Now this is the important step, DO NOT  FILL YOUR CUP UP YET! Click the lever down at the bottom
It will go up and down!! If you want it cold, make the lever go down to the green, and if you want it hot, make it go up to the red. Here are some pictures:                                                                                              Here's the extra hot one!

Cold one! (Brrr)

And regular :l

Thank you doggirl10 for telling me about this a while ago!    -snowdog900


  1. nice!

  2. This came out with the cocoa hut. everyone asked me how i made mine with no steam or lots of steam. odd no one ever figured this out until this...

    1. omg I just realized this was me o3o haha ignore this comment if you wish... XD


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