Monday, February 13, 2012

Newww Items!!

Hey jammers!  Today is.... RARE ITEM MONDAY!! The rare item is the Medusa Mask... I wasn't expecting this to come out again....... Here's a pic of it

Yeah, here are the colors it comes in.  Green, blue, pink, purple, white and black, brown, yellow, and red!

Also the Dominican Republic flag came out!

And... Heart Antenna Headbands came out!!

I think they're cute ^-^   
Anyways, here are the colors they come in.  Maroon, dark pink, light pink, blue, dark purple, light purple, green, and yellow!!

And this weird glitch happened to me today,

 See the blank box??  I deleted the thing that was in it, so maybe it got a bit mixed up.
That's all for now!!   -snowdog900

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