Monday, February 27, 2012

No Rare Item Monday (Once again :L) And New Items!

Hey jammers!!  Today, there isn't a rare item monday, like last week, but it will probably come later today!

These two new items came out today,

The Georgia flag (Not the state, it's a country in Europe near Russia)

And the Lion Fish Fin Armor

If you want to see the colors of the Lionfish Fin Armor, click here!
That's all for now jammers!! I'll try to post what the Rare Item Monday is as soon as I get home! (If it came out by then)   Thanks!    -snowdog900


  1. Hi Snowdog900! Its me, daisygal54. Last week the same thing happened to me with the rare. The item didn't show up and i was wondering if Animal jam HQ forgot or something. So i emailed them and they said that a glitch happened and was stopping it from being sent out. I think It'll probably be out by this evening or something? I'm not sure. If it doesn't I'll probably Email them again. Oh well. Oh yeah BTW, cool blog :). See you on AJ!

  2. The rare still isn't out! People are getting hysterical! Check out my blog, I have some pictures. i emailed animal jam. i hope they'll do something soon! :(


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