Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hi, It's Been A While

Hey jammers...

Okay, I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time. I don't know. Lately the real world has been really tough and busy. I'm rarely ever on the computer unless I'm on Transformice or YouTube.  Animal Jam just seems to get less important in my life. :(

BUT! That doesn't mean I'm quitting! Maybe I'll post again soon, but my big test that I've been ranting about is this Saturday, so I bet my life will be less stressful after that! :D

About this big test... Most of you may think that it's some math test at school or something. No. It's MUCH bigger than any math test. It's called the ISEE.  Some people have to take it to get into a private middle school.  Yeah, I've been preparing for this test for about a year now and the time has come. ^^'

Soooo.... Yeah!

Now I'll talk about Transformice. :)

My username on Transformice is Snowdoggz. Whisper me if you'd like. :3
You'll most likely see me in an ffa room or a survivor room.

If you don't know what Transformice is, you should look it up!*

That's all!


*People do curse on Transformice, so if you don't like that you probably shouldn't play! 


  1. Good luck Saturday!! Eat a piece of chocolate before you start your test, it helps to relax you and makes your brain work better!

  2. (seriously, not just saying that bc I LOVE REESE CUPS!!!!!!!!!!)

  3. .3. The test is stressful- but we can get through it together!

  4. Maybe if Aj is not appealing- you could blog about something else?

    owo Because I like when you blog!


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