Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hi jammers! This post is just to let you know I'm still out here, I haven't quit.

It's just I don't really have a liking for AJ anymore. I still go on to see my friends, but it's just dull. I also don't have the time anymore because I have a HUGEHUGEHUGEHUGE test coming up in a few weeks. I'm a nervous wreak. ;__; Okay, that's all I have to say. BYE! 


  1. well even i was fed up of AJ once. And I took a long break from AJ for about 7-8 months and now when I went to it, I got hooked to it. What you need Snowdog is a good break!!!

    Lucky Fastgirl

  2. *predicts future* You will do great on your test.....That's all I know....

    Okay, I don't actually know. But I'm sure you'll do great! :D

  3. Could you add my blog or mention it on here? Please? I worked really hard on it.

    I could do the same for you too!


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