Saturday, August 18, 2012

Diamond Necklace

Hi jammers! Today's item is a pricey one available in Epic Wonders!

I'd also like to confirm something.

I've heard rumors that LoveLost quit her blog. I kind of believe them, but I wanted to ask some of you A bloggers that are more in "the loop."

One thing that is throwing me off from beleiving this is that LoveLost wrote this on one of her last posts.

So, did LoveLost lie when she was saying that?
I sure do hope she didn't quit, she was one of the reasons I started AJF. ;;


  1. Well, I've heard from gingerpawz, one of LoveLost's closest friends that she did quit. I'm not so sure though. Gingerpawz quit her blog too.

    1. Yeah, I heard! I check out her blog a while ago when she quit and when she said "LoveLost also quit AJF" I was hoping that it was a typo and she meant AJL, because LoveLost owned that blog too. :l


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