Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jamaa Update! 8/2/12

Hey-lo jammers! Today is the Jamaa update day!
And you can now buy... TURTLE PETS!

Speaking of turtles, there's a new Pet Party!

Sadly, it's a members only party. (Derp.)

There's a new den contest! I may actually enter in this one!

And now sending in your drawings is easier than ever!


There's another sale at the Summer Carnival!

A new Costume Corner.

The mouthy member gift.

An advertisement for AJ Outfitters. :|

And a new Zios Fountain!

If you want to see it, come on down to my den. ;3


  1. ZOMGZ Thanks for posting the Costume Corner Ive been looking for it EVERYWHERE ._. XD ADDZ MEH
    - UnThinkableUsername


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