Friday, August 17, 2012

Tree Stump Chair!

Hi jammers!

Well, I lied. >.< I didn't post more details about the update yesterday... BUT I WILL!
Just not today because it's my brother's birthday.

Anyways, today in Jam Mart Furniture, there's a member's only item.

Yep! The Tree Stump Chair!

I was also looking at Epic Dens, when I saw this odd piece of furniture...

It's 3D! And it was very weird because, it was in a room with regular items!

I'm not sure when this item was sold, and why it's 3D. :\

I really hope AJ doesn't turn 3D. ;n;


  1. its part of the enchantedd holow den

    1. Oh really! Thank you so much for making that clear! :D


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