Sunday, August 12, 2012

I'm sorry. :c

Hey jammers! I saw that I made a HUGE mistake posting the the last post I posted. (If you didn't see it, sorry, it's gone forever. >.<)

Today, I went back and read my post, and I noticed that I was WAY to mean. I was just feeling so upset, my moods kinda took over. e.e

One of the jammers that I was posting about wrote back something like, "It's none of your business."
It's not a bad thing that she posted that. I understand. But I wrote back before I deleted my post, "It is my business if my friends are getting hurt." This is true! I love (yes, love) my friends on Animal Jam so dearly, it's like watching my mom and dad fight!

I know, you probably won't forgive me, but I want to put out the idea of forgiveness. c:
If you don't, and you want to delete me, and ban me, everything like that, sure. But just know that I still will remember the great times we've had together.

 Woo! Sorry if it sounds cheesey, it's not though! I mean every word I typed! 


  1. ...Did you delete the post or something cause I can't find it. Who said that? You don't have to tell me.

  2. i forgive you, even though i did not get the chance to see the post. if you want we can friend each other, send me a jam-a-gram if yoou want to be friends, i have to delete somebody. (i have 101 buddies)!


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