Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Coral Canyons Glitch

Heya jammers! I decided it's about time that I show you more skyway glitches.  This is a newish one in Coral Canyons.  It lets you go above the bridge.  I already posted about how to get below the bridge.  If you wanna see that glitch, click here.  (Please note that now, instead of doing Best Dressed, do the portable game thingy that I'm about to show you)

First, stand about where my lion is standing.

Click someone's name tag.

Click around this part of the tree.

Click the game icon. (This is what I call, the portalble game thingy)

Click any game.

As soon as this screen comes up, click cancel.

Then you should run down the cliff! Click the cliff to stop running.

Now you can explore!

Have fun with this glitch jammers!

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  1. Sigh, i can't do many glitches


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