Thursday, April 26, 2012

New games, new items, new party, oh my!

Here's all the new stuff in Jamaa!

New Jamaa Journal

A new pet game called Sssssake

Click this picture in the Jamaa Journal to get to the game!

It's around here in Coral Canyons (also note that the pet games are now green)

 It's pretty fun once you get the hang of it!

There's an underwater Best Dressed game too!

Here's where the game is located, and some pictures of it.

This is the one item that hasn't come out yet

There's also a new Spooky Party (I'll post about it later)

Next mouth's member gift if Phantom Invasion!

There's a new Appondale Journey Book! (I'm finishing up my Journey Book page, so check that soon!)

A reminder about Pet Bunnies.

Something big is going to happen in Jamaa!

The word is GIRAFFE

And the den item contest winner! Congrats Miss Cleverpaw!

Ok jammers! I'll post about the party later!

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