Friday, April 6, 2012


Heyy jammers. I'ma little upset at the moment.  Only 2 people came to the party :(

Thank you doggirl10 and Horsespirit4 for coming! You guys are great friends!! :)
It was a lot of fun! I just wish some other jammers cared to show up. -.-'
Here's Horsespirit4 doggirl10 and I!

(Horsespirit4 left, me center, doggirl10 right)

I was planning on having another party in the future, but idk if I should because hardly any jammers showed up for this one!
I'll put a poll up to see what you jammers think.
Once again, thank you doggirl10 and Horsespirit4!! It was pretty fun having a V.I.P. party with you guys!

I'm bummed.  I really wish just a few more jammers came!  I wasn't expecting many, but 2?! I mean come on guys!

Sorry if you feel like I'm angry at you.  Anger mostly comes out of being worried, and now I'm worried that no one cares about my blog, that they just came by because they accidentally clicked it on 'Animal Jam Spirit' or 'Animal Jam Flash' One of those big blogs.

Thanks jammers.
I'll be posting again tomorrow.


  1. Hi Snowdog!

    This is Wolves. I'm soo sort I didn't make it!! I know. Horsespirit and Doggirl are amazing, better than I am myself. I'm throwing a party tomorrow to say sorry, and I really do care!

  2. Your the most awesome BDF ( sorry I have to post under anonymous I'm doing it on the iPad lol). I voted for the top one one your poll :) don't let this get you down. Keep on going!!

  3. Hey Snowdog!

    Sorry it was only us two at your party but it was still EPIC (especially the V.I.P part!). We had a lot (and I mean A LOT) of fun!

    - Horsespirit4

  4. I'm sorry my blog is one of the big ones, I didn't mean to hog the viewers. >.< It's just a thing I started one day. I love your blog, keep up the great work!

    1. Aww it's ok Snowyclaw! It's not your fault! It's other jammers that just seem to come by mine! Keep up the great work!! No wonder your blog is one of the big ones!! It's great!!!
      :D I'm sorry if you took it that way :(


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