Friday, May 11, 2012


Ok, this is very annoying.  I was expecting to come home after a long hard Friday (because Friday's at my school are very boring... Ok TMI) and I was expecting to go on AJ and get the new item pictures that you jammers need! And what do you know. AJ STILL HASN'T FIXED THIS! -.-
This is a little bit too long, don't you think?!
I haven't gone on AJ in a day!! Plus it's Friday,  is the rare day where I can play video games for the rest of the day.  If they don't fix this by tomorrow, I don't know..


EDIT: It looks like now AJ is updating. >.> At least now there's no annoying "Phatoms have taken over Jamaa!" thing.

(Click picture to enlarge)

The odd thing is, there's no new post on The Daily Explorer. :\

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