Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Update + More!

Hey jammers! Today's the new update! Here are all the new things in Jamaa!

There's a new game called Horse Derby, (You don't have to have a horse to play it)

 Click the horse to go to Jamaa Township and play the game!

It's quite fun!

Just jump over the obstacles!

Yup! Then there's a new den item contest.

Giraffes are coming next update! :D

And there's a new party!


Oh, and don't forget the Geo Bee!

And there's a thing about rare items and trading,

Here are somethings that happened yesterday. It was my friend doggirl10's b-day! Happy late birthday!

And I joined a flash mob. o3o

Haha! That was fun!

I also saw this really weird glitch happen, some jammers were invisible!! .0.

I think it was just my AJ being glitchy. :l

Yeah, so that's it I guess. I may post later if I get to the Cruise Ship Party. >.>

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