Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Duck Pond + Me as a non-member

Hola Jammers! Today's item is a really cool pet item! It reminds me of the Koi Pond... :\

I would also like to tell you about when I was a non-member... That was quite a while ago!

I joined Animal Jam in November of 2010. My starting animal was Snowflake Arcticwolf!! I still have her and I never have, and never will delete her!! She had many look, but my main one that I used looked like this.

Non-members used to be able to change the colors of clothing items!! I have to admit, AJ was a little bit nicer to non-members than they are now... But at least it's not like Club Penguin. :L

My later animal was a tiger named Commander Magicstar.  Sadly, I deleted him, and replaced him with a seal later on. :(  But this is what Commander looked like.

It was kinda nice being a non-member.  It was almost as nice as being a member now!  I think I got my membership in January.. I can't remember. :P

Yep! Not that much detail, maybe I'll do a sequel to this sometime!


  1. I feel the same, it was kinda nice to be...limited. And I joined around JUST after beta, so almost like you XD

    1. Yup! I miss the good ole days! ;)

    2. Yeah, I lid being a non-mem when they were more considerate of them. You could change colors of items, but now they have items EVERY DAY and it's only members who can get them.

  2. Good times! And it's funny cuz we knew that nothing was going to be so rare like it is now. 0.0


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