Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hello jammers! We just got into our hotel.  I'm really tired =.=  It's a 3 hour time difference from where I live.. This is gonna be hard. >.<

Anyways, Here are the details on the new stuff.


They're super cool! I thought that they would look a lot like horses, but they're much different!!

You can also donate to help endangered animals in the Animal Museum.

There are new special phantom toys in the member toy game.  Oh, and you can do a journey book in Coral Canyons.

Plus there's a new Bunny Party!! I can't wait to go!! :D Oh, and a summer carnival coming up! That sounds great too!

All dens are half price. (Woo-hoo) And there's a den item contest winner! This one sure is cool!

Yeah. I'm too lazy to post any more details. Sorry. :P
The bunny party's in a few minuets, so be sure to check back soon!

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