Friday, November 2, 2012

Epic Seasonal Tree

Hey jammers! There's a new very cool item in Epic Wonders!

I LOVE this item! It seems so cheery and I love the colors! :D

Maybe it will change during the different seasons.

Here's Snowflake next to the huge tree. I'm not sure what she thinks of it.

Next subject.

AJHQ posted about new videos being posted on The Daily Explorer.

I don't watch the videos on AJ besides the gecko song and the seal video. XD

... That's all I have to post about! Oh wait, that's not actually! Do you guys notice that snowyclaw hasn't been posting lately? To be honest, I'm kind of happy for this because I've been wanting to look for the new items myself and I finally get to! :D I hope that snowy starts posting again though. She's a big inspiration to me. c:

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