Saturday, November 24, 2012

Princess Necklace

Hey jammers! The Princess Necklace has returned in Jam Mart Clothing! I've kind of missed this item.

Thankfully it's really cheap compared to all the other items available in AJ.

I got this message from AJHQ.

I went to check it out, the exhibit is amazing!

They had facts and videos about so many different big cats! I was very happy when I saw the had they about my two favorite big cats, the Ocelot and the Serval.

I recommend that you check it out! Also, it looks like the votes are in!

I guess we're having the party tomorrow! I mean, I wish that we could have it next weekend, but anything for you jammers. :)

Here's the party instructions:

When: Sunday, November 25th
Where: Snowdog900's den
Server: Tigris
Time: 9:00 am AJF time (PCF time)

Sorry that it's so early for everyone in my time zone. D: I have other stuff to do soon after.

That's all jammers! Have a great afternoon!

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    It's so sad they are endangered, they are my favorite wild cat (although lions are pretty awesome).

    Hey, did you delete Carrot Cake and our Art Blog DDD: ?


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