Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SORRY AGAIN! gsbdfcye7r86w34we[w459enrt

Hi. Look, I'm sorry. I mean, I'm REALLY sorry. I can't keep up with posting. It's very challenging for me to get up in the morning and post. I don't feel much joy in doing so. I'll try to keep more on top of it all but I hope that you understand that I don't just get up in the morning and have enough time to post. My free time has been squished down to almost none except after school on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. When I do have other free time I usually don't spend it playing Animal Jam, I'll check my Instagram and watch Youtube videos for the most part. I don't find Animal Jam as appealing as I did before. Oh, and before you get the intension that I'm quitting, well, I'm not. I'm going to keep this blog up and try to post daily. Hopefully I'll have the guts to try posting at 12:00 am because that seems like the only time I can post in the morning. ;__; I'm sorry. I feel like I'm abandoning this blog.

I might as well post the new item today!

Oh, whoop-de-doo. The picture won't upload. -.-

The new item is the Dandelion Patch. Be sure to buy yours today!



  1. me too, I don't find AJ appealing much anymore, tho I love the artwork of it and the friends. And it is getting harder to keep up with blogging, which is why I did a bit of a format change, so don't sweat it, do what you can do and enjoy it!!

  2. Awh, don't worry. Look at me! I haven't posted on FWCB since October... It's getting hard, but we can get through it.


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