Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hey jammers!! Sorry I'm late with this update, but here it is!!

Today, a new loading screen for AJ came out, 
Here are some examples

Here are some new items,

The Leprechaun Hat comes in these colors: Dark green, light green, black, pink, purple-grey, blue, maroon, and red-orange!

Oh, and the monthly member gift!!

ELF TAIL ARMOR!!! Pretty cool eh?

A new den!! THE SNOW FORT DEN!!

If you go to the top, you'll look like this!!

You can place pets in your den!!

Crystal Sands is gonna get a make over!! 

Lucky day is coming!!!

Can't wait for the party xD

New animal/ pet!!!

I was right! One of them is gonna be a octopus! I'm not sure what the other is going to be, maybe a squid?? 

That's all for now jammers! 
I'm gonna do another post about the new journey book!!


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