Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hi jammers! Octopi came out today!!

Yup!  Oh, and speaking of animals, on the monkey scroll, it has this!

I guess that they're leaving next update...

There's a new horse party!!

I can't wait to go! ;)

And the monthly gift is the hot cocoa machine! It hasn't come out yet, because it's still March...

And now since we're on that subject, you can vote for your top 3 favorite t- shirts in the hot cocoa hut!

The contest for the badges is over!! Here are the winning badges!

Mmhmm pretty cool!

Oh, and now you can type your jam-a-grams!! (Btw, the jam-a-gram I'm typing on is new too! :) )

There are gold bars on the floor of Epic Wonders..

Oh and here are the 2 newest items,

Jester hat,

And the Octopus Submersible
My next post will be about the new Journey Book, and the Egg Hunt!! ;)

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